Zion National Park

The park’s free shuttle service is a top pick for nine months out of the year. Why? Not only does it eliminate the hassle of driving and parking, but it also makes it easy to enjoy the park’s stunning scenery without worrying about navigating steep switchbacks and narrow roads. During December to February, personal vehicles are the only option since shuttle service isn’t available.


If you’re flying to the area, the nearest major airport is McCarran International Airport, located around 172 miles southwest of the park. Although there are two regional airports in St. George and Cedar City, their flight options are limited. Consider renting a car from McCarran Airport, or nearby Springdale, if you’d like to drive through the park during the winter months. Remember there may be limited parking, particularly during the peak tourist season, and the park’s hairpin turns and steep roads require focus and attention, especially in winter weather conditions.

Transport visitors

During the shuttle season, there are two free shuttles that transport visitors throughout the park and the gateway city of Springdale. The park shuttle service runs from March to November and provides rides to top attractions and trailheads. Plus, you can enjoy the stunning Zion Canyon Scenic Drive without being behind the wheel. During this time, personal vehicles aren’t allowed on the road except for those parked at the designated visitor centers. The Springdale shuttle also runs from March to November, but it stops at nine locations within town and drops visitors off at the pedestrian/bike entrance of the park. The average wait time for a shuttle is typically short, averaging under 10 minutes.

If you’re driving through the park, be aware that speed limits in many areas are posted as 35 mph. Additionally, since parking can be limited, consider parking your car and hopping on the free shuttle for convenient access. With these transportation tips in hand, you’ll be able to explore the beautiful Zion National Park with ease.