Miami is a vibrant melting pot of various cultures, infused with a rich artistic scene and the refreshing essence of the ocean. It's a city that embodies diversity and creativity, where visitors can immerse themselves in a unique cultural experience.


With its remarkable art museums and thriving gastronomy, it’s difficult to fathom that a mere hundred years ago, this vibrant Floridian metropolis was enveloped in marshland. But with the advent of eager developers, a magnificent skyline and a premier tourist destination emerged. Now, with South Beach beckoning and the Everglades at your back, you can meander through the lively streets, passing by historic Spanish-style homes while the sweet strains of Caribbean music fill your ears.

Miami is a mini melting pot that has successfully preserved its multicultural neighborhoods, such as the famous Little Havana, as enclaves for unique traditions to thrive. Together, these neighborhoods form an electric network that is the heart of Miami. Known for its vibrant nightlife and extravagant parties, Miami Beach, a barrier island to the east of the mainland, lives up to its reputation. On the other hand, the city proper is down-to-earth and cultivates an artsy vibe. To experience the charm of Miami Beach, we recommend signing up for one of the city’s best boat tours, where you can marvel at the glitzy skyline from the water on a boat tour or via parasail.



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