Las Vegas

For optimal weather and fewer crowds, consider visiting Las Vegas during the spring or fall shoulder seasons, specifically from March to May and September to November. While travel deals can be found year-round, these times offer the most moderate temperatures. Winter months, including New Year’s Eve, the Super Bowl, and Valentine’s Day, tend to attract more visitors, while summer temperatures can exceed 100 degrees. For the best rates, plan a midweek trip as weekends are a popular getaway time. Tuesday through Thursday typically offer more available rooms at lower rates.

Las Vegas plays host to an array of conventions throughout the year, resulting in a surge in room rates. To ensure you secure the best deal for your preferred hotel, it is advisable to consult the city’s tourism board convention schedule before finalizing your travel dates. This proactive approach will equip you with the necessary information regarding which hotels are hosting what and when, allowing you to make an informed decision and save on your accommodation costs.