Grand Canyon

If you’re in search of a serene retreat into the arms of Mother Nature, it’s important to note that the Grand Canyon can be quite bustling. The South Rim, which boasts the Grand Canyon Village and the well-trodden Bright Angel Trail, is particularly favored among sightseers and hikers alike, and offers an abundance of amenities. However, if you’re looking to escape the crowds, the North Rim is the ideal destination. Here, you’ll find opportunities for backwoods camping and challenging hikes. For an unparalleled view of the canyon, a helicopter tour is highly recommended.

Best Months to Visit

For an optimal Grand Canyon experience, we recommend planning your visit between March and May, or September through November. During these times, the weather is agreeable and the crowds are less dense. However, if you choose to visit during the summer months, please be aware that this is the park’s peak season, and you may encounter large numbers of tourists and limited lodging options. While winter may offer discounted hotel rates, please note that much of the park, including the entire North Rim, closes after the first snowfall. The South Rim remains open year-round for your enjoyment.