Navigating Disneyland and the surrounding Anaheim area is a breeze with a bit of insider knowledge. While exploring the resort, walking is the optimal mode of transportation as all attractions are conveniently within a short distance of each other. For those who prefer a break from walking, the Disneyland Monorail is a complimentary option for visitors with valid park admission.

Arriving at the park is also a stress-free experience with the Disneyland Resort Express available from Orange County’s John Wayne Airport (SNA) and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). However, if you opt to bring or rent a car, parking is plentiful but be prepared for steep fees.

Traveling around downtown Anaheim, otherwise known as Center City, is made easy with the “Free Rides Around the Neighborhood” (FRAN) electric car service. Summoned via an app, FRAN can transport visitors to one of 10 stops. With these transportation options, exploring Disneyland and Anaheim has never been more convenient.

On Foot

Exploring the enchanting world of Disney has never been easier as all the must-see attractions are conveniently located within walking distance. Simply drop by one of the numerous visitor centers dotted across the parks and obtain a detailed map to guide you on your magical journey.


While Disneyland itself boasts a pedestrian-friendly atmosphere, exploring the surrounding areas of Anaheim and beyond may require a set of wheels. For those looking to catch a game at Angel Stadium, visit local attractions, or take a day trip to nearby beaches like Laguna Beach or Huntington Beach, a rental car may be necessary. Rental agencies can be found at both Orange County’s John Wayne Airport and Los Angeles International Airport. It’s worth noting that Disneyland charges a daily fee of $25 for parking at the resort.

Anaheim Public Transportation

The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) boasts a comprehensive transit system, comprising both bus and train services. With an impressive 77 routes and 6,200 stops, the bus network offers extensive coverage throughout Orange County. Meanwhile, the Metrolink train system may be smaller in scale, but it still offers a convenient way to travel to 11 key destinations across the OC, including Anaheim, Santa Ana, and Oceanside. Ticket prices and operating hours vary, with Metrolink fares calculated based on distance traveled. A range of ticket options are available, from single fares to monthly passes. Trust OCTA to get you where you need to go.

The Orange County Transportation Authority boasts an extensive transportation system, including a comprehensive bus network and a reliable train service. With 60 bus routes and close to 5,000 stops throughout Orange County, passengers can easily navigate the area. While the train system is less extensive, it still covers 11 stops in key locations such as Anaheim, Santa Ana, and Oceanside. Ticket prices and hours of operation vary, with Metrolink fares calculated based on distance traveled. Passengers can choose from a range of ticket options, from one-way fares to monthly passes.

For travelers visiting Anaheim, the Anaheim Resort Transit (ART) system is the perfect solution, catering to Disneyland and the main hotel areas. ART offers affordable day passes for adults at $6 ($2.50 for children), three-day passes for $16 ($3.50 for children), and five-day passes for $25 (just $5.50 for kids). Additionally, ART provides free service to all Angels home games.

Overall, the Orange County Transportation Authority and ART offer reliable and convenient transportation options for both locals and visitors alike.