For optimal transportation in Dallas, it is recommended to utilize a personal vehicle. While the city’s most notable sites, such as The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, the Dallas Museum of Art, and Reunion Tower, are conveniently located downtown, some attractions, like the Dallas Arboretum, are best accessed through personal transportation. However, expect heavy traffic at rush hour and limited parking regardless of the time.

There are two airports in Dallas: Dallas Love Field and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Dallas Love Field, situated roughly six miles northwest of downtown Dallas, solely services three airlines: Delta, Alaska, and Southwest. Flying into Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport presents more flight options from airlines like American, JetBlue, United, and more but is approximately 20 miles northwest of the downtown area. Taxi fares from Dallas Love Field range between $18 and $21, while fares from DFW cost between $37 and $45. Both airports additionally offer services provided by Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART).

Light Rail

Though the Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s light rail system may not yet rival that of other major cities such as New York or Chicago, it still provides a reliable means of transportation for locals and visitors alike. With four lines – Red, Orange, Green, and Blue – servicing 65 stations throughout the city, the rail system offers convenient access to popular areas such as Deep Ellum and University Park. Trains run daily from approximately 5 a.m. until midnight, albeit with schedules that vary by line. And for those traveling between Dallas and Fort Worth, the Trinity Railway Express offers easy access to both cities and several surrounding communities, as well as the airport. Weekday trains operate from around 5 a.m. until 11 p.m., with reduced service on Saturdays and no service on Sundays.

Fares for DART and TRE services depend on the type of pass purchased. Local passes are valid for DART rail and buses, as well as TRE routes between Dallas’ Union Station and DFW Airport. Regional passes, meanwhile, provide access to all DART and TRE services, as well as Trinity Metro in Fort Worth. For those opting for shorter trips, the AM/PM pass, costing $3, makes for an economical option. This pass is activated in the morning and expires at noon, or activated after noon and lasts until the end of service. Day passes, valid for an entire day’s worth of travel until 3 a.m. the following day, cost $6 for local service and $12 for regional service. All in all, DART and TRE provide a cost-effective and convenient means of exploring the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolis.