When venturing beyond the city center, the T subway system is the perfect option. Efficiently operating five separate lines, including subways, trains, and trolleys, the T provides easy access to all parts of the city. Arriving at the Boston Logan International Airport (BOS), the Blue Line will quickly transport you to the heart of downtown Boston. Though Boston may not be known for its abundance of taxis, several cabstands throughout the city and major hotels offer the convenience of a quick and reliable ride when needed. Whether by foot, subway, or taxi, Boston’s transportation options are as diverse as the city itself, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable visit for all.

On Foot

Embracing the pedestrian lifestyle, Boston prides itself as a walking city. Its endearing streets, enriched with history and captivating boutiques, are bound to arouse curiosity in visitors. Ensuring a comfortable and secure footing along the labyrinthine alleys and expansive boulevards, we recommend sporting a reliable pair of footwear, capable of handling the rugged cobblestone terrain.

The “T”

The “T” refers to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s network of five subway trains, each color-coded for easy identification. It is essential to plan your journey ahead by referring to the subway map and identifying the right inbound or outbound train to reach your intended destination. Meanwhile, for those not holding a CharlieCard, opting for CharlieTickets can be done by visiting participating retail stores or using vending machines. Note that most above-ground T stops lack ticket vending machines, requiring cash payment on board if boarding a train without a ticket. It is recommended to prepare cash beforehand to avoid any potential delays.


Exploring Boston’s intricate bus network can seem overwhelming compared to the “T”. However, opting for local buses is a cost-effective although tardy way of public transportation, with nearly 200 routes encompassing the city. To determine the optimal method of reaching your desired destination, utilize the T’s trip planning page available on its website. Bus services operate between 5:00 am to 1:00 am.

Water Taxi and Taxi

A ride on a water taxi is an exceptional way to unveil the picturesque beauty of the waterfront, with access to the city’s trendy destinations like Long Wharf and Shipyard Park. The exquisite journey can be experienced with one-way tickets starting at $15 for adults and $7.50 for children aged 11 and below. These taxis service multiple stops along the Boston Harbor, including the airport. You can avail of this exciting ride between 6:30 or 7 a.m. and 8 or 10 p.m. daily, making it an ideal choice for your leisurely exploration.

Securing a taxi may prove to be a challenging feat; however, you can effortlessly capture one outside of the airport, esteemed lodgings, and preferred landmarks. The initial fare commences at $2.60 for the first 1/7 mile, with a supplementary charge of $0.40 for every additional 1/7 mile. There are supplementary fees for any ride to or from the airport.


While many may see car ownership as a convenience, the truth is that navigating narrow, congested roads and finding affordable parking can quickly turn into a headache. Instead, consider renting a vehicle at your destination, such as at the airport, to avoid the added stress and expenses that come with bringing your own car.