New Orleans

New Orleans is renowned for its picturesque European-style architecture, delectable Creole cuisine, and lively entertainment. Revered as the birthplace of jazz, the city pulsates with music, spanning from blues to rock 'n' roll and Zydeco, woven into its cultural fabric.

Music is a vital element of New Orleans’ backbone and soul. While most tourists flock to this Southern gem for the famous Mardi Gras festivities, an event reminiscent of Carnival with masks, music, floats, and vivacity, the city is packed with year-round events and festivals to relish.

In the wake of environmental disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill, rebuilding New Orleans has proven daunting, but the city has shown resilience in its restoration efforts. Today, Crescent City has been revived, and visitors can start their tour with a walking journey through the French Quarter. Here, they can soak in colonial heritage intertwined with ghost stories. Discovering the architectural marvels can follow this, after which tourists can indulge in a hearty serving of jambalaya before enjoying a lively evening.

Notably, New Orleans is also a bustling port, ranking as the sixth-largest cruise port in the U.S. Travelers can go on dire dreams of adventure by taking a European cruise off to Mexico, the Caribbean or sail along the Mississippi River to Memphis, Tennessee, thanks to Carnival, Norwegian, Disney, and Viking cruises.


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